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Cleaning adaptor missing #10125 (SL1/SL1S)

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Last updated a year ago
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What happened?

The printer is displaying the message "Cleaning adaptor was not detected, it does not seem to be correctly attached to the print platform. Attach it properly and try again."

Error name: Cleaning adaptor missing

Error code: #10125

When running the Resin Tank Cleaning procedure, you must install the Cleaning adaptor. The platform will go down approx. 2/3 of the tower distance before it slows down, expecting to detect a "collision" with the adaptor within a certain range. If it does not detect the collision within this range, it gives you this error.

How to fix it?

Please place the cleaning adaptor on the platform and start the procedure again from Control -> Resin Tank Cleaning, in the printer's menu.

If you do not have the cleaning adaptor, you can print it yourself - it is included as an example print in this machine's internal storage. You can also find the adaptor for download at Printables.com if you want to slice it yourself for another resin.

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