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Experimental menu (MINI/MINI+)

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Last updated 2 months ago
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The components installed on your printer rely on firmware configuration. To facilitate for components sourced from third-party vendors firmware version 4.3.3 introduced an "Experimental menu". Because different hardware has different specifications, the firmware can adjust the defining parameters of some components.

The experimental menu is for advanced users. You should not change these firmware parameters for a printer with stock parts! It can cause bad performance or even damage the printer and its parts.

To activate the experimental menu, navigate to LCD menu -> Settings and scroll down to HW Setup without selecting it with a short-press (left picture). Instead, Hold the knob for 2-3 seconds and after a “click” sound, the Experimental menu will appear (right image).

Long-press this option.After holding 2-3 seconds this menu will appear.

Save and return: Saves the current values and returns to the previous screen.

  • Z-axis length: In this menu, the Z-axis length can be adjusted according to the size of your extruder.
  • Reset Z-length: resets the Z-axis length to default/stock.
  • Extruder step: set the steps appropriate for your extruder.
  • Reset steps per unit: resets Extruder steps to default/stock.
  • Extruder direction: shows two options for the extruder motor direction. The default/stock is "Prusa", and the other is "Wrong".
  • Reset directions: resets extruder direction to default/stock.

Save and return

After the correct settings are changed, select Save and return. The printer will ask you whether you want to save the changes and reboot the printer. On reboot, your printer will have the new settings for your custom extruder. This will ensure that even with adjusted parameters the printer can still perform First Layer Calibration, Live Adjust Z, and print.

Adjusting settings in the experimental menu is at the owner's risk. Prusa Research takes no responsibility for the possible issues or damage to the printer. However, we are ready to help you bring the printer back to the factory setup.
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