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Stuck Recovery (SL1/SL1S)

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Last updated 2 years ago
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If the tilt platform is unable to tear away from the FEP foil during printing, this error will be presented. The printer will notice the increase current required to move the tilt platform and pause the print. This will most often happen within the first 10 layers.

This error can occur with certain resin, like flexible resins, which adheres strongly to both platform and the FEP film. Furthermore, projects with a very large surface area can be problematic, especially when being printed too fast and/or the tilt platform is calibrated too close to the print platform by the user.

Cross-section of a project covering the whole length (Y-axis) of the print platform, printing with flexible resin.

How to fix it

  • First, try to continue while observing the printer. However, the current print may not be possible to salvage.
  • Try using the "Slower" speed profile. Please see Print Profile (SL1/SL1S).
  • See if you can slice your model in a different orientation, leaving a smaller footprint on the platform and FEP foil. 
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