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Homing error Z #17301 (XL)

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What happened?

The printer displays the message "Failed to home the Z-axis, make sure the loadcell is working".

Error name: Homing error Z

Error code: #17301 

How to fix it?

Check if the nozzle is not loose

Before proceeding further, make sure that the printer is FULLY COOLED DOWN AT ROOM TEMPERATURE, and OFF

After removing the X-carriage-cover from the X-carriage, you can check if the nozzle is not loose by holding the heater block (make sure that the nozzle is not heated!), and use the Torx TX8 as shown in the picture to tighten the set screw. The nozzle has to be unable to move. Note that the heaterblock is at a 35° - 40° angle.

Test the loadcell

Do not manipulate or touch the printer unless the instructions on the printer screen prompt you to do so.

A fault in the loadcell can trigger a homing error. Ensure that the printer is fully cooled down, go to LCD Menu - Control - Calibration and test - Loadcell test.

During the test, you will be asked to tap the nozzle at a specific time, and a progress bar on top of the screen will be filled. If the progress bar is not filled or the printer shows any errors, please contact our customer support.

Reduce vibrations

Any form of vibration propagated to the surface under the printer, or a not fully stable surface under the printer might cause a false reading on the loadcell, triggering the homing error. 

A printer that is in operation next to your Original Prusa XL can be a possible cause of vibrations. An easy solution to dampening the noise and vibration of a printer is to add some additional padding underneath the printer. 

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