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Ordering an Original Prusa product is done by creating an order on our e-shop. During this procedure, a payment method is chosen. Among others, credit card payment is available. 

By choosing credit card payment, our e-shop redirects you to a secure payment gateway. In case of an issue or error during the credit card payment, the payment gateway page redirects you to our e-shop, which displays an error message as in the below picture. 

The most common causes for an error on our e-shop for credit card payments are: 

  • Bank or credit card limiting foreign transactions, or flagging us
  • 3D Secure
  • Browser cookies

Bank or credit card limiting foreign transactions, or flagging us

Contact your bank or credit card company, and ensure that there aren't limits or blocks, especially related to foreign transactions. We are based in the Czech Republic. 

3D Secure

3D Secure is an extra security layer often found on online purchase platforms. Typically, it is an SMS sent to your mobile by your bank or credit card company, to confirm with a one-time password the intention of payment. 

To perform credit card payments on our e-shop, it is necessary to have 3D Secure activated. 

Browser cookies

Delete your browser cookies, and/or attempt temporarily changing your browser. 

Order confirmation and payment confirmation 

Once an order is generated, an order confirmation document is generated by our system and sent via email. This does not mean that the order is paid for

Once the order is paid for and its payment registered on our side, a separate payment confirmation document is generated by our system and sent on a new, separate email. 

Repeat payment

An unpaid order can be accessed at any time from your account. Log in, hover to the top-right where your name is shown, click on orders, and select the unpaid order to access. 

You can attempt paying for an unpaid order at any time, as long as the order is not canceled. 

To do so, click on change or repeat payment. Choose the payment method, and proceed with the payment. 

Alternative payment methods

In case of repeated issues with credit card payments on our e-shop, consider using an alternative payment method, available depending on the order destination country. Among these, the bank transfer payment method is available for all countries. 

By selecting this payment method, an advance bank transfer can be sent. Specific instructions are shown on our e-shop page. 

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