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How to use Prusament refill

Last updated 4 months ago
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Prusament Refill is designed to fill up empty filament spools. Once you run out of filament, detach the black plastic sides of the spool and attach them to the Prusament Refill. Read more about the refill procedure below.


Basic information

The Prusament spool consists of black plastic sides and a cardboard centerpiece. The sides are pushed on the centerpiece and can be removed, either to be reused or recycled.

Please note there are also gray Prusament spools that are used for advanced materials. The sides are glued to the cardboard centerpiece as some filaments require drying up in high temperatures.


Assembling the refill spool

1) Take an empty Prusament spool. It is necessary to separate the sides of the spool from the cardboard centerpiece. Pull the ends of the spool apart using a reasonable amount of force and gradually rotate the spool bit by bit. Thanks to this movement, it will be easier to separate the sides from the center of the spool.

Tip: If you don't have enough force to separate the parts, try soaking the spool. The cardboard center will then loosen immediately.

2) Once you remove one side, do the same with the other side of the spool. The cardboard centerpiece is then no longer needed.

3) Prepare a new Prusament Refill. Do not remove the orange tape! Attach the Refill bundle to the center of one side. We recommend placing the side with Refill on a flat surface. Lean into the center of the Refill to push down. It helps if you rotate the side and gradually push the Refill in multiple places. Continue until the center of the Refill is fully pushed in and firmly attached

4) Use the same process to attach the other spool side.

5) When the spool is firmly assembled, only then cut off the orange strips. We recommend scissors, as you could accidentally cut the filament with a knife or injure yourself.

6) The spool is ready to print! 

Tip: All Prusament Refill spools have a wide secure strip on which is stuck a small paper label with information about the material. This label can be taped on the plastic sides of your old spool to let you know what material it is. 


What to do with the old cardboard centerpiece?

Recycle it according to your local regulations or reuse it. Here are some interesting reuse ideas.


Where to get Prusament Refill?

Prusament Refill is available at our e-shop.

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