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9. Preflight check

9. Preflight check
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9. Preflight check
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Quick guide for your first prints
Quick guide for your first prints
Quick guide for your first prints
See our free 3D Printing Handbook - http://www.prusa3d.com/3dhandbookMK2
Read the chapters 3.2 Disclaimer and 3.3 Safety instructions
Read the chapter 6.3 Setup before printing.
Download and install the drivers - chapter 8 Printer drivers. Don't forget we have ready to print settings for Slic3r, Cura, Simplify3D and KISSlicer.
Calibrate the printer by following the chapter 6.3.1 Calibration flow. Please follow the steps exactly, otherwise you can permanently damage the print surface!
Printable 3D models
Printable 3D models
Read the chapter 7 Printing of 3D Printing Handbook.
Congratulations! You should be ready to print by now ;-)
You can start by printing some of our test objects bundled on the included SD card - you can check them out here prusa3d.com/printable-3d-models
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Still have questions?

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