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Modular bed error #17302 (XL)

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What happened? 

The printer is showing the message: "Overcurrent detected". 

Error name: MB overcurrent

Error code: #17302

An LED on the Modular Bed lights up when this error occurs. The error indicates an issue with the control of the current flowing into the Modular Bed and its heatbed tiles. 

How to fix it? 

A visual inspection

Before accessing any of the electronic boards, ensure that the printer is fully cooled down, and switched off for at least 10 minutes

Inspect the wiring between the Sandwich board and the Modular Bed for a loose connection, or a broken cable.  

Inspect the modular bed for physical damage, such as scratches on any of the heatbed tiles surface. 

In case of any further doubts, do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

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