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Last updated a year ago
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What happened?

The printer is displaying the message: Incorrect RPM reading of the fan.

Warning name: Fan warning

Warning code: #10713

This warning is sent when the printer is idle and detects an incorrect fan RPM. If a print is started after this warning is shown, error Fan failure #10106 will be presented.

How to fix it?

The SL1 has three fans:

  • The LED cooling fan (indicated in the picture by a purple arrow on the left).
  • The right blower fan (indicated in the picture by a green arrow in the middle).
  • The filter fan (indicated in the picture by a blue arrow on the right).

If the warning appears, please follow maintenance steps for the fan that generated the issue: SL1/SL1S maintenance [進行中の翻訳]. When doing that, also check the cable connections of the fan to the mainboard.

If the right blower fan is the one that showed the warning, make sure that the blower gasket is still in place.

Go to the printer menu in LCD menu -> Settings -> Calibration -> Wizard. The printer will run the self-test. In case the fan also fails during the self-test, switch the connection of two of the fans, and see if the warning will be transferred to the new fan. If the error is transferred, the fan that had the warning originally may need to be replaced.

How to replace the part?

How to replace a blower fan (SL1) [進行中の翻訳]

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