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Last updated a year ago
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What happened? 

During the XYZ calibration, if the calibration pin is not reached, the printer is showing the message "Calibration pin has not been reached. Please check the pin installation".

Error name: Pin not reached

Error code: #17107

How to fix it? 

Calibration pin

Ensure that the calibration pin is installed. Not installing it can trigger the error. 

Bad homing

Ensure that the printer homing is proceeding correctly. For example, filament residue in the homing area can trigger the error.

The error can also be triggered if the loadcell tare is measured while the nozzle is pressed against something, for example, if the nozzle presses against the calibration pin during the homing procedure. 

Nozzle not installed 

Having the printer with the nozzle not installed into the heater block can trigger the error, ensure that all components, including the nozzle, are regularly installed. 

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