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2. MMU1の分解

2. MMU1の分解
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Last updated a year ago
2. MMU1の分解
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Step 1 プリンタの準備


Step 2 Getting the necessary tools

Getting the necessary tools
Getting the necessary tools
For the MMU1 disassembly you will need:
Needle-nose pliers (1x)
Allen key 2.5 mm
Allen key 1.5 mm
Tools can be used from the MMU2S upgrade kit, but don't unpack the entire kit, so you won't accidentally mix parts.
No soldering is required.
No wire crimping is required.

Step 3 MMU1の分解 (パート1)

MMU1の分解 (パート1)
MMU1の分解 (パート1)
MMU1の分解 (パート1)
MMU1の分解 (パート1)
プリンターの後部、RAMBo ケースの上部から分解を始めていきましょう。(LCDが奥を向くように回転させます。)
2.5mm 六角レンチを使って、ケースを固定している M3 ネジ を緩めます。カバーを取り外し、内部のケーブルにアクセスできるようにしてください。

Step 4 MMU1 disassembly (part 2)

MMU1 disassembly (part 2)
MMU1 disassembly (part 2)
In case you intend to use this printer for the MMU2S upgrade, please use Allen key to release both M3 screws.
Remove the case with the board completely. Both parts won't be used in the future.

Step 5 MMU1の分解 (パート3)

MMU1の分解 (パート3)
MMU1の分解 (パート3)
MMU1の分解 (パート3)
プリンターを 180° 回転させます。
8mm レンチ を使って、それぞれのエクストルーダーに取り付けられている QSMフィッティング と 白いPTFEチューブ を緩めて取り外します。(合計4本)

Step 6 MMU1 disassembly (part 4)

MMU1 disassembly (part 4)
MMU1 disassembly (part 4)
MMU1 disassembly (part 4)
MMU1 disassembly (part 4)
Take the first extruder and release all eight M3 screws.
Remove the printed part from the motors.
BEFORE YOU PROCEED READ THIS! We are about to release the lock screw on the pulley. Proceed with extreme caution as you can strip the screw!!! If possible apply some grease first.
Very carefully release the lock screws, be careful as you might strip the screw's head or thread.
Remove the pulleys and put them away, so you won't mix them with the new ones from the MMU2S kit.
Repeat this procedure for the second extruder. Together you need 3 motors without the pulley.
Use one motor in the MK2.5S assembly for the Extruder.
Use the remaining two motors for the MMU2S unit.
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