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Ambient temperature check (MK3/MK3S)

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Last updated 4 years ago
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The Einsy board of your printer is equipped with an NTC thermistor, which is used to measure the surrounding ambient temperature. The sensor is located right above the main power connector at the bottom of the board. From the firmware 3.9.1, two error states can occur “AMBIENT_MINTEMP” and “AMBIENT_MAXTEMP”.

If any of these errors are presented, do not operate the printer and contact Customer support.


The “AMBIENT_MINTEMP” error temperature threshold is set to -30 °C. It is used to check whether the thermistor works correctly, ensuring that the second “AMBIENT_MAXTEMP” state will be triggered correctly. In the rare scenario that this error occurs, all printer operations will be halted.


The “AMBIENT_MAXTEMP” error temperature threshold is set to 100 °C. If this temperature is reached, the printer will immediately cut power to the heaters and motors to reduce power draw. Resuming the print is not possible until the issue is resolved.

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