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Color change

Last updated 2 years ago
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PrusaSlicer lets you schedule a filament change at a certain layer. This can be used to print basic multicolored models. The printer automatically pauses the print as soon as it reads the color change in the G-code (M600 command) and prompts the user to proceed with the filament change.

  1. A color change can be inserted from the Preview window
  2. Drag the layer slider on the right to select the target layer
  3. You can either
    1. Left-click on the orange plus icon to add a color change (random preview color)
    2. Right-click on the orange plus icon and select Add color change. A color picker window will appear allowing you to pick the desired color in order to get a more accurate preview
  4. Repeat, you add as many color changes as you like

You can remove a color change by moving the slider to the target layer and left-clicking on the grey cross icon.

You can edit the color change preview color by right-clicking anywhere on the colored bar. Except for the first color, which can be edited by clicking on the colored rectangle next to the filament profile name in the top right corner. The preview colors are there really just to visual the final print, they have no effect on the generated G-code.

A preview is displayed instantly so you’ll see exactly how your model will look with color-change. 
Keep in mind that you should use filaments of the same type, always mix PLA with PLA, PETG with PETG and so on. Mixing materials of different kinds will most likely lead to a failed print as they don't adhere well to each other.
The color change doesn't work in combination with sequential printing.

Color change time estimates

When you add one or more color changes, the Platter legend will switch to "Color Print" mode and show time estimates till each change. Alternatively, you can switch to it manually using the select box "View" in the bottom left.

This lets you plan when to check on the printer to proceed with the color change.

Automatic color change

When PrusaSlicer detects the model looks like a logo or a sign, a notification will offer you to automatically add color changes to the correct heights. This feature was proposed by Richard Horne, thank you for the suggestion! It saves you time and removes the guesswork from inserting the color changes at the right height.

Mute beeper when prompting color change

If the estimated color change time happens to be during the night or another inconvenient moment, you can switch your printer’s beeper sound to [Silent], [Mute] or [once] mode. It is found under Settings, on the LCD-menu.

Use color change to print pictures

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