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Customer support

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If you have any questions about 3D printing in general, about your order, shipping, calibration, or troubleshooting of your printer, don't hesitate to contact us!

Printers that have non-supported modifications might not be able to have their issues diagnosed by our technical support.

How to contact us

Make sure you have your order number, invoice, or serial number before contacting Customer support. In case you need technical support, make sure you have Photo and video documentation of the issue.


Our contact e-mail is [email protected]. Through e-mail, our Support is available in English, Czech, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Polish. The reply time is up to three business days.


We provide full 24/7 English customer support via live chat, which you can find on the bottom right of the e-shop and the Knowledgebase. Czech support is available during business hours.

You can contact us even if your Original Prusa Printer is out of warranty or purchased from a third party, we'll be happy to help!

We can help you out with

  • Ordering any of our products through our online store.
  • Pre-sale questions and learning more about our products.
  • Checking on your pending order.
  • Assembly and calibration of your newly purchased printer.
  • Solving printing problems and queries.

Knowledge base

That is where you are right now! In the Prusa Knowledge Base, you can find answers to the same questions you may ask on chat and e-mail and much more!

You can either search for topics using the search field, and read articles relevant to your printer model by selecting them on the main page, or you can browse through our seven main categories:

Handbook and Assembly manuals

Assembly and printing documentation is available in Czech, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Polish.

To download the handbook, visit the Downloads page or its dedicated Knowledgebase article. Assembly manuals you will find right here in this Knowledge Base. These sections are updated regularly, so it's always better to use the online version of the documentation.

Prusa 3D 

https://prusa3d.com is our company website, where you can find an overview of everything we do. It also contains the following sections:

  • Our Eshop, where you can order printers, filament, and spare parts.
  • Printable parts, where you can find the latest STL models for our 3D printers. 
  • Sample objects, where you can find some tested and approved models to print.
  • Drivers and manuals, where you can find the latest drivers, manuals, and firmware versions. 


Printables.com is our community platform for everything 3D printer-related. We have prepared a unique concept of a community website and we have tried to make it simple and unified all aspects of the Prusa Research community under a single login. 

Here you will find:

  • Our model depository and marketplace with over 50,000 prints and thousands of users who want to share their models, printing services, and skills. Here you will find not only STL files but also G-Codes for the Original Prusa printers, which you can print instantly and without effort. We check every uploaded file for potentially harmful commands (crashing nozzle to bed, overheating, etc…).
  • 'Blog' - company blog where our editors publish articles about the development of our printers, the latest information about Prusa Research, and informative texts about our 3D printers or 3D printing in general.
  • 'Forum' - Here you will find the main core of our community. Join discussions and share your experiences with other makers and Original Prusa owners around the world.
  • 'World' - This is a map of all Prusa printers out in the wild. You can place your own marker on the map – either as a general (approximate) location or an exact one – e.g. if you are a business. You can choose from three options: if you want to help out other folks, print on demand, or just hang out.
  • 'Groups' is a way to coordinate with other makers in your specific area. This concept grew exponentially when the 2020 pandemic hit, and makers had a way to coordinate their efforts in printing PPE for their local hospitals and general practitioners. That is of course only the tip of the iceberg so for more information on Groups, please have a look at our Blog article on the subject.

If you haven’t heard about Pritables before, don’t forget to check out our article and Youtube video. If you haven’t registered yet, I hope you’ll consider it now – after all, it’s the users who keep the community alive.

Our social media

Our official social media accounts and channels are:


We strongly suggest visiting our official forum at forum.prusa3d.com, where you can find plenty of tips and inspiration, as well as up-to-date information about the Original Prusa printers and upgrades. 

To create an account on our forum, you need to go to the online store first and create an account there. A forum account with the same login credentials will be automatically created. However, any changes made in any of the two profiles won't be reflected in the other one. Please keep that in mind while changing your profile details, such as the password. 

Unofficial support channels

There are plenty of unofficial places where you can find great tips regarding 3D printing. The community is vast and growing every day, and the atmosphere is usually very friendly and enthusiastic.

You can join one of our groups on Facebook:

Keep in mind that we are not responsible for any information found outside of our official support channels.
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Still have questions?

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