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Last updated 2 years ago
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PRINT FAN ERROR error message occurs when the print fan (the one at the front of the extruder) does not receive any RPM (Revolutions per Minute) readings. This can be caused by the fact that the fan does not spin, or by the signal (yellow) cable being interrupted. 


Visually inspect the print fan and make sure there is no debris or pieces of filament tangled in it, preventing it from spinning. Bigger parts can be cleared with tweezers, dust can be cleared with a computer cleaner spray (canned air).

Hold the fan vanes with your hand while blowing at it, otherwise, you might damage the motor.


It could just be a bad connection. Unplug, then plug back in, the connector of the print fan on the EinsyRAMBO.

Broken wire

If the error shows up even after cleaning the fan, see if it could be reproduced, by starting the fan from Settings -> Temperature -> Fan speed -> 255, and then moving the extruder manually along the X-axis, to the right and to the left multiple times.

See if the fan at any time stops spinning. Also, check the cables and wiggle with the extruder cable bundle a bit. The culprit is usually within the harness, near the extruder body.

If you have replaced one of the fans with a replacement part not supporting RPM sensing, then you can turn off the monitoring in the LCD Menu - Settings - Check fans.

Check RPM

While the fan is turned on as instructed in the previous step, navigate to Support -> Extruder info. Check if the RPM reading for "Print fan" is around 3500 - 4200 RPM, and does not change drastically when the extruder is moved. Exact RPM may vary, but any large change, or a zero-value, is an indication of a break in the wire.
If you find you need to replace the fan, you can follow our guides How to replace a print fan (MK3S/MK3S+) or How to replace a print fan (MINI)
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