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Factory repair

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If your printer has an issue you cannot solve by troubleshooting remotely with our Customer support, it is possible to send the printer to be repaired by one of our technicians. 

Factory repair is no longer possible for the following models: MK2.5/S, MK2/S, MK1, and MK0. 

Repair within warranty

If you have a pre-assembled printer, the cost of sending the printer for repair is covered by your warranty.

If you have a kit version of the printer, only the individual parts are covered by the warranty, not the repair. If you wish to send the printer for repair, the shipping and service will be charged even within the warranty.

You can read more about the warranty claims here: Warranty.

Note that if a user error is found during the warranty repair, the parts and return shipping will be charged!

Repair out of warranty

If your printer was purchased as a kit or you have an assembled printer out of warranty, you may wish for a repair at our facility. Start by contacting our Customer support with details of the issue.


When a repair service is requested, an email will be sent within a few days with instructions for the return process. A Service list must be filled by the user of the printer with the report of the issue.

When the printer is received it will be evaluated, and an initial diagnostic will be made on the hardware, function of the printer, and the Service list. The cost of repair will be estimated based on what was found in the initial evaluation.


Not applicable to pre-assembled printers within warranty.

You will not be charged anything else on top of the estimated cost of the repair. This estimate may only change with an additional request from your side (modification/upgrade of the printer) and must be approved by both the customer and the service technician.

The total cost of the repair will be:
Shipping both ways + Technician's time + Parts to be changed.

  • The shipping cost is based on your address. If you want to know the price, go to our e-shop and add the pre-assembled version of your printer to the cart along with your address. This will show the shipping one way, and the total shipping to be paid will be twice that amount. If you want us to use a specific carrier or use your own carrier, this must be specified when requesting the repair. When using your own carrier, any damage during shipping will be your responsibility.
  • The technician's time is charged by the hour. Once the scope of the repair is known, the technician will provide you with a time estimate including the expected price. This value can be charged in any of the currencies available the e-shop (CZK, USD, EUR, PLN, and GBP).
  • The parts have our retail prices and will be listed in the price estimate.

A "reserve amount" will be added to the price estimate. This amount is calculated based on the total repair cost. It will cover the technician's time and parts in case of undisclosed issues or in case the printer has any third-party modifications. If nothing is found, this value is not added to the final amount.

The repair will only commence after the costs are accepted. In case you do not accept the repair costs, the printer will be shipped back as-is. In this case, the shipping fees of the return will be charged. After payment, the printer is shipped back without being repaired.


The printer will be repaired by our service team, and a sequence of prints will be made to test all the printer features. This includes any specific G-codes that you have issues with (if these are added to the SD card and mentioned in the service list), plus test prints of the printer's main features.

If you want defect/replaced parts shipped back to you with the repaired printer, be sure to specify this on the Service list. However, this can impact the shipping cost.

After the printer is received, the repair can take up to 30 days (according to EU law). However, this is only the worst-case scenario and we're usually able to process the standard repair requests in a shorter time. You can request a time estimate after the initial evaluation.

After the repair, the payment is made. The printer will be shipped back to you, along with the test prints and a final repair protocol detailing what was repaired or changed.

Repair warranty

The specific part of the printer that is repaired has three months warranty (repair contract). If the reported issue(s) of the repaired printer is still present upon return, or there are flaws due to poor workmanship or negligence by our service technicians, the printer can be returned for service again free of charge within these three months.

However, the Repair Contract warranty is unrelated to the printer's general warranty. Furthermore, if another/new issue appears, unrelated to the repaired part, it is not covered under this three-month repair warranty. A new estimated cost of the repair will have to be prepared and confirmed.

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