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LCD screen contrast adjustment (i3)

Last updated 3 years ago
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In case you experiencing issues with the screen readability, you can try adjusting the contrast on the LCD-module. On the back of the LCD-module, you will find a small potentiometer dedicated to this. If adjusted to an extreme, the image of the LCD-module can be entirely burned out, with no visible letters. 

LCD module adjusted to 4 different levels

How to adjust the contrast

Before you dive into the disassembly, ensure once again that the cables are properly connected both to the LCD and to the Einsy board. Some image distortions can be caused just by incorrectly seated connectors. 

Be careful, don't use objects with sharp tips, and don't press too hard. You might damage the board!
It may be possible to access the adjustment potentiometer without any disassembly, from below the LCD. However, it may be difficult to adjust when still mounted to the printer. Your LCD module may be a different color than what is depicted, but the procedure remains the same.
  1. Detach the LCD assembly by removing the 4 screws that hold the LCD module (purple arrows). By sliding the printer to the edge of the table you will have access to the screws from below.
  2. Remove the two screws securing the module in the cover (blue arrows).
  3. Remove the LCD module from the cover and slide off the LCD-holder (green arrows)

  1. You now have access to a small potentiometer on the back of the LCD module (red arrow). Use a small screwdriver to turn the potentiometer. Turn the printer on to see the contrast change when adjusted.

For brightness adjustment of the display, please see LCD brightness adjustment (MK3S).
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