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SD card not working

Last updated 3 years ago
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Our Original Prusa i3 printers offer two ways of printing: via a USB cable or by loading g-codes from an SD card. If you are experiencing SD-card-related issues, try some of our tips below.

card removed

"Card removed" message on the LCD screen.

If you have inserted your SD card into the SD card slot and the printer's LCD screen still says "Card removed", try the following steps:

  1. Inspect the SD card slot and make sure there is no debris or dust inside.
  2. Inspect the SD card itself, see if it's not damaged.
  3. Make sure that the SD card is correctly inserted. The right orientation has the card's pins facing towards you.
  4. Check if the SD card is fully inserted.
  5. That the SD card is formatted to FAT32. ExFAT is not compatible.
  6. If the SD card still doesn't respond, insert it into your PC and see if your operating system recognizes it. If it does, consider creating a backup of your files and use a different SD card with your printer.
Check out the dedicated article on SD cards and USB drives for more information on formatting.

"File incomplete. Continue anyway?"

Our printers can detect a corrupted file on the SD card. A prompt appears on the screen, asking whether you would like to continue printing. Please check our article on how to test your G-codes before printing

Incomplete file

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