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Static memory has been overwritten

Last updated 2 years ago
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The printer shows the error message "Static memory has been overwritten". It is caused by too many commands in the memory at the same time, causing it to overflow. The firmware is then not able to fulfill any of the commands or may not boot up properly.

This error can appear in self- or community-built firmware versions. It usually does not appear in Prusa official firmware releases as these have already gone through our testing. 

How to avoid

Avoid requiring the printer to do several things at once unnecessarily.


  • When calibrating, let the calibration finish without loading a filament or inserting an SD card, unless prompted to.
  • When loading a filament, wait until the filament is fully loaded and confirm the successful load with the toggle button before giving it further commands or inserting an SD card.

How to fix if it persists

  1. Do a full factory-reset where you clear "all data." Please see Factory reset (MK2S/MK2.5S/MK3S)
After the full factory reset just ignore the on-screen prompts for the Wizard and proceed with flashing the firmware.
  1. Once you do so, re-flash the newest firmware. A guide on how to do this can be found at How to update firmware (MK3S+/MK3S/MK3).
  2. After this, calibrate and you should be able to operate your printer as usual.
This procedure is also outlined in Full system refresh Original Prusa i3
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