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Touch screen (MK4, MK3.9, MK3.5, XL)

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Last updated 2 months ago
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Starting from firmware 6.0.0, the Original Prusa printer can use touch to navigate the xLCD. Note that some functions will still need the knob, such as setting the target temperature manually or while moving with any of the axes.

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

Enabling the touch function

The touch feature needs to be manually enabled. For that, go into the printer menu to Settings -> User interface -> Touch.

Screenshot from the Original Prusa MK4

Touch Sig Workaround

If there is a lot of delay between touching the screen and the action you selected, or multiple touches generate just one action, activate the function Touch Sig Workaround under the Touch in Settings -> User interface.

Screenshot from the Original Prusa MK4

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