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Creating profiles for different nozzles

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The default nozzle diameter for most of today’s printers is 0.4 mm. If you decide to use a different diameter nozzle (you can read all about the benefits in our article) and there isn't a built-in profile for it, you'll have to make one yourself.

Rather than creating a brand new profile, it's best to start with an existing profile and just modify it. 

The two main things that have to be adjusted are:

  • Nozzle diameter in Printer settings - Extruder 1
  • Extrusion width in Print settings - Advanced

That means you'll have to save not only a new printer profile but also new print profiles.

Original Prusa printers in PrusaSlicer have built-in profiles for a variety of different nozzle sizes.
Go to Configuration - Configuration Wizard - Prusa FFF and tick the boxes for profiles you wish to import, e.g. "0.25 mm nozzle"

Nozzle diameter in extruder settings

Go to Printer settings - Extruder 1 - Nozzle diameter and enter the exact diameter of your new nozzle.

This value is used in PrusaSlicer mostly as a machine limit. For example, you can't print with a layer height bigger than your nozzle diameter. In fact, your layer height should be 70-80% of your nozzle diameter at maximum, otherwise, the layer adhesion will be significantly compromised. PrusaSlicer also notes the nozzle diameter in the exported G-code as a comment. This is very helpful because the printer can warn you if you accidentally try to print a G-code generated for a different nozzle size.

However, on its own, changing this value won't make PrusaSlicer generate thicker extrusion lines.

Extrusion width in print settings

Setting up the extrusion width is the most important thing when creating a profile for a new nozzle.

Go to Print settings - Advanced.

You'll see a list of different extrusion width settings.

  • Enter extrusion width manually e.g. 0.65 (preferred)
  • Enter 0 and PrusaSlicer will derive the extrusion width from the nozzle diameter
    • 1.125 × nozzle diameter will be used
  • Enter a percentage e.g. 120%
    • the percentage is calculated from the layer height, not nozzle diameter

Extrusion width tips

Generally, you want your extrusion width to be about 110% of your nozzle diameter.

You can increase the extrusion width of the first layer to make it stick better to the print bed (e.g. 120-140% of nozzle diameter) at the cost of lower resolution in the XY plane.

By setting the extrusion width lower than the nozzle diameter you can make supports weaker and easier to remove.

Printer nozzle diameter check on the MK3/S

If you set up a profile for custom nozzle size and you're using the Original Prusa i3 MK3/S, you might want to delete the nozzle diameter check G-code.

Go to Printer settings - Custom G-code - Start G-code and delete the line that says

M862.1 P[nozzle_diameter] ; nozzle diameter check

Alternatively, you can disable the nozzle diameter check feature on your printer
LCD Menu - Settings - HW setup - Checks - Nozzle - None

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