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Prusa Connect & PrusaLink

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  • Prusa Connect Local (MINI)

    Prusa Connect Local (MINI)

    Starting the firmware 4.0.5, you can monitor your Original Prusa MINI over your local network via the web interface called Prusa Connect Local. Prusa Connect Local is still in development ...

  • Physical printers

    Physical printers

    PrusaSlicer used to store the printer network connection settings into the Printer profile. This became inconvenient in various scenarios (owning multiple printers that use the same profile). Starting with version ...

  • Connecting Original Prusa SL1/SL1S to PrusaSlicer

    Connecting Original Prusa SL1/SL1S to PrusaSlicer

    Thanks to the advanced operating system available on the Original Prusa SL1/SL1S SPEED printer, the user is able to transfer the sliced .sl1 or .sl1s files directly from the PrusaSlicer. ...

  • PrusaLink (SL1/SL1S)

    PrusaLink (SL1/SL1S)

    Via the web interface called PrusaLink, you can monitor and control your Original Prusa SL1/SL1S over your local network. You will be able to: Upload project files. Start and stop prints. Manage projects ...

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Still have questions?

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