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Camera compatibility (RPi + PrusaLink)

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PrusaLink for Original Prusa MK2.5/S or MK3/S/+ printers is powered by an Raspberry Pi (RPi) board. A camera can be connected to it either using CSI or USB connection.

Alternatively, the same camera setup is also compatible with RPi + Octoprint on MK4 / MK3.9 / XL printers. Note that PrusaLink itself running on MK3.9, MK4 and XL printers doesn’t support any cameras. You can use Prusa Connect, where it is possible to assign a camera to any of the supported Original Prusa printers.

Compatible RPi cameras connected via CSI (MIPI):

All the official RPi cameras in the list below have been tested and are compatible. PrusaLink uses a "whitelist" for CSI cameras. For example, if you connect RPi camera 3, it identifies to the RPi as "imx708" (according to the actual camera sensor it uses). The Wide-angle variant of the same camera identifies as  "imx708_wide". If you use a camera that would identify differently than any of the whitelisted ones, it won’t show up in PrusaLink.

There are also other compatible cameras than the ones listed below, such as some Arducam models. However, we haven’t tested them and can’t guarantee they will work as expected or will not cause any issues.

If your CSI camera doesn’t seem to work - and you are an experienced user, you can connect to PrusaLink using SSH, or connect a keyboard + monitor to the RPi and use the following command to find out if the camera is detected and what it identifies as:

libcamera-hello --list-cameras 

Note that due to limited computing capabilities of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the resolution might be limited to 1920px in both axes on this RPi model.

Do not connect the cameras while the PrusaLink is running. Turn off the printer or disconnect the power before you connect the camera.


Camera modelSensor typeResolutionNotes
PiCamera 1.3OV56472592x1944 
PiCamera 2 / 2.1IMX2193280x2464
PiCamera 2 NoIR 3280x2464 
PiCamera 3IMX7084608x2592
PiCamera 3 NoIR 4608x2592 
PiCamera 3 Wide 4608x2592 
PiCamera 3 Wide NoIR 4608x2592 


Compatible USB cameras:

The RPi board also allows you to use a USB webcam. 
Following USB cameras were tested. There are also other compatible cameras than the ones listed below. However, we haven’t tested them and can’t guarantee they will work as expected.

Camera modelIlluminationResolutionNotes
Arducam B0200 1920x10802Mpx IMX291 USB Low Light 100° Camera Module V2.0
Arducam B0205Yes, IR1920x10802MP OV2710 1080p USB 2.0
Arducam B0202 1920x1080 
Arducam B0233 2592x1944 
Eternico Webcam ET101 HD 1280x720 
Trust Exis Webcam 1280x1024 
Trust SpotLight Webcam ProYes1280x1024 
SriHome SH003   
SriHome SH001   
Eternico Webcam ET201 Full HD   
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920   
Niceboy STREAM PRO   
Niceboy STREAM 1280x720 
Logitech C270  !!!!!  Doesn’t work properly  !!!!!
If you get to test out other camera models, feel free to share your findings in the comment section below.


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