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1. はじめに

1. はじめに
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Last updated 7 months ago
1. はじめに
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The assembly kit includes:
Cutting pliers
Torx key
Allen keys
The cardboard will be used to make the assembly easier and protect some parts of the printer. Don't throw it away until the printer is fully built! Handle it carefully the edges might be sharp.
Boxes and bags are labelled
Boxes and bags are labelled
上部に書かれている数字は、その袋 (または箱) がどの章に必要なのかを表しています。
Note the displayed label of the bag is just an example, the content of the bag might differ. This is valid for the entire assembly manual.
Use labels for reference
Use labels for reference
ほとんどのラベルは1:1の縮尺で、パーツの識別に使用できます :-)
For the most common screws, nuts and PTFE tubes you can also use the enclosed letter, which contains Prusa Cheatsheet on the other side.
help.prusa3d.com/cheatsheet からPrusa Cheatsheet をダウンロードすることができます。プリントは 100% で、行ってください。拡大、縮小はうまくプリントできないのでしないでください。
Note the displayed label of the bag is just an example, the content of the bag might differ. This is valid for the entire assembly manual.
Spare bag
Spare bag
Note the displayed label of the spare bag is just an example, the content of the bag might differ.
When you browse any guide on manual.prusa3d.com, you can view the original images in high resolution for clarity.
The picture is used as an example.
Unpacking the SL1 kit
Unpacking the SL1 kit
Unpacking the SL1 kit
The SL1 kit parts are separated into several layers of protective foam, which mostly comply with the chapters. However, some parts had to be moved into different layers due to their dimensions.
The manual will inform you, which layers are necessary for each chapter.
You can remove all parts from the protective foams, but:
Keep all electronics in the ESD bags until you have to mount or plug them to the printer.
Make sure the print platform is protected from scratches. Place it on a soft cloth.
Protect the acrylic lid against possible scratches.
To increase protection of the printer parts, the order of the foams was changed. However, it doesn't affect the assembly procedure. Parts moved together with foams.
Important: Electronics protection
Important: Electronics protection
Important: Electronics protection
警告: 静電気放電 (ESD) から電子機器を保護していることを確認してください。 必要な時には電子機器を開梱するようにしてください!
ボードの操作中は 常にボードの側面に触れてください。 電子機器のチップ、コンデンサ、その他の部品には触れないでください。
静電気を発生させる カーペットがある部屋での使用は、特に気をつけてください。
ウールや特定の合成繊維の衣服は、静電気を簡単に集めることができます。 綿の服を着た方が安全です。
WARNING: This device utilizes UV light, which can harm your eyesight or skin. Do not turn the device ON until it is fully reassembled with all the covers installed!!!
Regular rewards are crucial!
Regular rewards are crucial!
SL1プリンターを組み立てることは、他の何よりもチャレンジングな作業です。作業のキリの良いところでは、ぜひ休憩されることをお勧めします。 Hariboのクマが入った小袋が同梱されているのはこのためです!
After you finish each stage of this assembly guide, you will be given a specific amount of sweets to eat.
始める前に、または一度にすべてのクマを食べないでください! 指示に従わないと深刻な結果を招きます。現在、この問題のためにPrusa Haribo 戦術部隊PrusaHariboを編成しています。
Eating more or fewer bears than prescribed in the manual might lead to fatigue or nausea. Please consult a professional in the closest candy store.
今は Haribo を目につかない場所へ隠しておいてください! 私たちの経験上、放置されているお菓子は、突然消えてしまうことが多いようです。この現象については、現在調査研究中です。
All information provided in this step is based on a long-term very serious research study ;)
Always read all the instructions at the current step first, it will help you to understand, what you need to do. Don't cut or trim unless you are told to!!!
写真だけで組み立てていかないでください! 写真だけでは不十分です。できるだけ短くまとめた説明となっていますので、必ず読みながら進めていきましょう。
Read the comments from the other users, they are a great source of ideas. We read them too and based on your feedback, we improve the manual and the entire assembly process.
Use a reasonable force, the printed and aluminium parts are tough, but not unbreakable. If it doesn't fit, check your approach twice.
最も重要なこと: 組み立てを楽しんでください。お子様、友達、パートナーと一緒に協力してください。 ただし、私たちは争い事には一切責任を負いません;)
You can use your own tools (e.g. pliers for easier screw insertion). In the case of electronic screwdriver, make sure the torque is set to low and proceed carefully.
READY? You can start by assembling the printer in the next chapter - 2. Base & Tower
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