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Info Screens (MINI/MINI+)

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Last updated 3 years ago
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In the Original Prusa MINI and MINI+ menu, you can see the option Info. Here you will find different information on your printer.

Within the Info menu you have the following selection: 

  • System info
  • Sensor info
  • Version info
  • Statistics

System info

  • CPU load (%)
  • Date and time: From the NTP server if the printer is connected to the internet.
  • Fan0: Print fan RPM (Revolutions Per Minute). 
  • Fan1: Hotend fan RPM. 
To test the print fan RPM outside of the print, go in the printer's menu to Settings -> Temperature -> Fan, and change the fan value to 255 (max). The hotend fan will automatically start when the hotend is heated above 50 ºC.

Sensor info

  • Filament sensor: In case you have the optional filament sensor installed in your Mini, this entry will show 0 when the filament is not loaded on the sensor and 1 when the filament is loaded. If the Filament sensor is not installed it will show N/A.
  • M.I.N.D.A.: The M.I.N.D.A. status will be 0 when it is not close to any metal, such as the heatbed. It will be at 1 when there is any metal directly under it, like when it is close to the heatbed.
The menu may show "M.I.N.D.A." even if you have the SuperPINDA installed.

Version info

  • Firmware version
  • Bootloader version
  • Buddy board revision


Starting firmware version 4.3.3, the printer stores information about the length of filament used and print time, as well as the distance traveled at each axis (X, Y, Z). This is displayed in meters.

All print data is stored in the EEPROM. To optimize the number of writes to the memory, only finished or stopped prints are saved. In the case of a watchdog reset mid-print, the data is not stored.

This feature can help you plan the maintenance of the printer. Once bearings or other components reach a certain threshold, you'll know when to clean, maintain or replace anything.

This data will be reset if you perform a factory reset.
The printer is capable of storing a print time of 9999 days 99 hours. The first user to reach this value without any tricks will become a grandmaster of 3D printing.
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