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Prusa Face Shield - changelog

Prusa Face Shield - changelog

Prusa Face Shield - changelog
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Last updated 4 years ago
Prusa Face Shield - changelog
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Step 1 Version history

Version history
Version history
Versions of the Prusa Face Shield
03/2019 - Initial version RC1
03/2019 - Upgraded version RC2
03/2019 - Upgraded version RC3

Step 3 Version RC2

Version RC2
Version RC2
Changes in the RC2 version (compared to the RC1):
Increased wall thickness (slightly stiffer and more durable)
The headband is no longer printed compressed - Lower pressure on the temple.
The visor was moved further away from the forehead - This allows a better fit over bigger respirators and protective goggles.
The printed part now has an extension for the visor (the visor curves less than the headband).

Step 4 Version RC3

Version RC3
Version RC3
Version RC3
Changes in the RC3 version (compared to the RC2):
Removed hexagonal holes for faster printing speeds.
Several optimizations for stack printing.
New print files with 4 headbands stacked on top of each other.
New US version to fit the triple punch hole.
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