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Filament pulleys MMU1

Filament pulleys MMU1
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Last updated 4 years ago
Filament pulleys MMU1
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Step 1 Removing idler screws

Removing idler screws
Removing idler screws
Removing idler screws
Remove both idlers screws.
Ensure that idler can move freely on screw, if not the case slightly loose screw holding idler in place.
Be aware of M3nS nuts for idler screws as they can fall from slots.

Step 3 Pulley position

Pulley position
Pulley position
Make sure milled slot on motor mounted pulley is perfectly in center with filament.
Make sure grub screw is tight and pulley is secured in place.

Step 4 Assembling back together

Assembling back together
Assembling back together
After you're done, assemble the idler back together.
Tighten the screws, the gap between washer and idler (printed part) should be 4-5 mm.
This photo is just for illustration, you don't have to remove the extruder from the printer.
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