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Multi-material slicing

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  • Wipe tower

    Wipe tower

    Smart wipe tower The smart wipe tower ensures sharp color transitions and stable filament flow after a color change while aiming to waste as little filament as possible. There is always ...

  • Multi material painting

    Multi material painting

    Preparing models for multi-material FDM prints used to be a fairly complicated and time-consuming process. Starting with PrusaSlicer 2.4, coloring an object for multi-material printing requires just a handful of ...

  • Purging volumes (MMU)

    Purging volumes (MMU)

    During a filament change, a small amount of melted plastic remains in the nozzle. As the new filament is loaded, it’s melted as well and starts pushing the nozzle content ...

  • ColorPrint with the MMU

    ColorPrint with the MMU

    PrusaSlicer supports the following scenarios: Single material printer (or MMU2 in Single extruder mode). In this case, color-changes (manual filament swaps) can be added, but not extruder-changes. Multi-material printer with the same extruder ...

  • Importing Multi Material model

    Importing Multi Material model

    Importing multiple STL files as a single multi-material model First of all, switch the printer preset to a Multi Material printer (such as the MMU2S), otherwise, the following steps won't work. Then you ...

  • Assigning tools / colors  / extruders

    Assigning tools / colors / extruders

    Assigning tool heads/colors/extruders to different features You can assign different print features to be printed with a different tool in the Print Settings - Multiple Extruders menu. You can set a different ...

  • Patterns - set extruder sequence

    Patterns - set extruder sequence

    PrusaSlicer lets you define a repeating pattern of color changes. You can access this feature by clicking the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the preview screen. The color ...

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Still have questions?

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