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Last updated 2 years ago
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The firmware for each Original Prusa printer is currently translated into multiple languages and we would like to expand it further. We welcome everyone to join us and localize the printer to their native language. Translation process was designed to be easy. However, there are certain requirements regarding your IT skills, but we believe that everyone can join. In case you run into some issues, we will be there to help.

In case you would like to translate and maintain the translations, contact us by filling the form below. Before you sign in, please note that this is not a one-time translation job. Our developers are constantly improving the firmware and adding new features. This requires you to be in touch with us and keep your language up to date. Also, check whether the selected language isn't already being maintained by somebody else, our aim is to have two maintainers per language.

Prusa Translation Program Form

Once we process your request and prepare certain things, we will get back to you with further instructions.

Note: Original Prusa printers come with different hardware (e.g. MK3S+ vs MINI+) and there might be certain limits regarding the languages, which can or can not be translated. Specifically, some screens might have issues with displaying certain characters. If your language is not listed below, we are currently unable to display it.

List of the printers and supported languages

EnglishPrusa Research
GermanPrusa Research
CzechPrusa Research
FrenchPrusa Research
SpanishPrusa Research
ItalianPrusa Research
PolishPrusa Research
Dutch@3d-gussner & @vintagepc
Swedish@Painkiller56 & @pkg2000
Slovak@ingbrzy & @shatter136
Romanian@Hauzman & @leptun
Hungarian@AttilaSVK & @Hauzman
Croatian@Prime1910 & @PRPA041
Bahasa Malaysia (Latin alphabet)open
Norwegian@pkg2000 & @trondkla

Other printers like SL1S, SL1, MINI+, MINI and others are coming soon. 


Suggestions to the existing translation

Should you have any suggestion to the translation, please contact fill in this GitHub issue.

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Still have questions?

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