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Printed Solid Service center USA

Last updated 6 months ago
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To Accelerate the repair of our Original Prusa Printers within the USA, we have created a new Repair Center at our subsidiary branch, Printed Solid.

Although Printed Solid has been successfully repairing printers for our customers in the USA for more than a year now, the team has now been officially trained to be able to repair all of the Original Prusa Printers offered on our e-shop. All relevant knowledge, skills, tools, resources and spare parts for troubleshooting and repair are with them now,  so they are fully equipped to handle any repair, same as Prusa Research.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, repairs at Printed Solid prevent a long shipment to Prague and allow for more local repairs.

Who can use this service?

The service is for everyone with a delivery address within the USA, who has purchased the Original Prusa Printer from Prusa or Printed Solid directly. To access the service, contact our カスタマーサポート, regardless of whether or not your Original Prusa Printer is within warranty.

How is the service different?

All Terms & Conditions are the same. The only difference is that the shipping cost and time might be lower, as the international shipment to Prague to handle the repair will be avoided. Any skills, knowledge, tools, resources, and spare parts that we have for troubleshooting is also provided to them - they are fully equipped to handle nearly any repair.

Printed Solid has been successfully helping repair printers for our customers in the USA for more than a year already.

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