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Composite materials (with metal or wood particles)

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Basic info

Composite materials filled with metal or wood powder are usually PLA filaments. The additives give them a special look and properties. They are hard to print due to a higher risk of clogging the nozzle. Metal-filled filaments also require a hardened nozzle.
Recommended nozzle temperature: 190-220 °C (depending on filament type)
Recommended bed temperature: 60 °C
Heatbed: Smooth PEI sheet will provide the best adhesion.

Wood or metal powder-filled filaments serve mostly for aesthetic purposes, imitating the chosen material (wood or metal). However, note that they have much worse mechanical resistance and layer adhesion than non-modified filaments. The basic material is usually PLA, which is known for easy printability, but inferior chemical, mechanical, and heat resistance.

Metal-filled materials are highly abrasive and require a hardened steel nozzle. For wood-filled materials and other composites with large particles, we also recommend using, minimum, a 0.6 mm nozzle, and 0.2 mm layer height to prevent clogging.

Due to the brittleness of these filaments, we do not recommend printing them with the MMU2S upgrade.

To compare supported material properties, see PLA. Metal filaments can be polished to reach an authentic metal look (but not mechanical properties). Polish metal-filled materials in a similar way you would do it with transparent parts: gently sand the surface with wet sanding papers with 600-1500 (or higher) grit, start with the roughest, and end with the finest. Then use polishing paste and a piece of cloth. Remember that powder-filled filaments have inferior mechanical properties and layer adhesion. If your print has some protrusions and surface details, they can break easily.

Sample prints

Copper axeCopper tube
Woodfill filamentBronze pirate coin
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