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UV intensity too low #10318 (SL1/SL1S)

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Last updated 3 months ago
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What happened?

The printer is displaying the message: Requested intensity cannot be reached by max. allowed PWM

Error name: UV intensity too low

Error code: #10318

The most probable reason for this error is either the print display or UV LED set. Either the LEDs do not produce enough light, or the print display is blocking too much light.

How to fix it?

Faulty print display or UV LED panel

Check whether the UV panel and LCD screen work as intended – Run the Display test, found at Settings -> Calibration -> Display test (purple square). Follow the onscreen instructions.

Check if the logo appears on the display as below. If there are "holes" in the image, the print display must be replaced.

If it remains completely, it may have a faulty UV LED panel. Check its wiring by unplugging it and plugging it back in, making sure the connector is seated properly. Test the display again and if it still does not work it will have to be replaced.


See our guide for replacing the print display.

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