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QR Error codes

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Last updated 4 months ago
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This is an advanced system for displaying error screens providing more useful information to the user. In case of an issue, the printer will display the name of the error followed by a brief description and a QR code. Take your phone, scan the code, and get immediately redirected to an article that will in detail explain what happened to your printer and how to fix the problem.


QR error screen for MINI on the left and for SL1 on the right.

Error codes are supported at the following printers:

  • Original Prusa MINI & MINI+ (starting firmware 4.3.0)
  • Original Prusa SL1/SL1S (starting firmware 1.5.0)
  • Original Prusa XL
  • Original Prusa MK4/MK3.9
  • Original Prusa MK3.5
  • Original Prusa MMU3

How to use the error code

In case your printer displays the error screen, there are multiple ways to access the article:

  • Scan the QR code from the printer screen using a phone or tablet
  • Use the link displayed on the screen (e.g. help.prusa3d.com/en/12201)
  • Open help.prusa3d.com and search for the error (e.g. 12201)

Follow the article explaining what went wrong and how to fix the issue. Note that some errors might require you to replace broken part(s) of the printer. If a replacement is necessary, there will be a link to the service guide at the bottom of the article.

Error code explained

How is each code created? Let's use error #12201 again as an example. The code consists of five numbers with the following pattern: XXYZZ

# XXYZZHeating failed bed #12201 (MINI)

XX - ID number of the printer, according to USB PID

Y - Error category (common for all printers)

ZZ - ID number for the specific error

12 - Printer number 12: Original Prusa MINI

2 - Error category: Temperature error

01 - Specific error code: Heatbed heating failed

More information about the types of printers, categories, and a full list of the error codes can be found in the following GitHub repository.

URL format

Example of the URL in the QR code: https://help.prusa3d.com/en/12201/OI6HB7H6/410

  • en -> a language of the landing page with the article
  • 12201 -> the unique error code sequence
  • OI6HB7H6 -> device hash
  • 410 -> firmware version in your 3D printer
Starting from February 2023, the error codes in firmware for all products will have the URL https://prusa.io/[error number]. However, the old URLs will still work.

An example of the error page with the printer running outdated firmware

Device hash

The URL link embedded in the QR code may contain an optional “device hash”. This can be disabled in the MINI+ in Settings, and in the SL1 in Settings -> Settings and Sensors, on the MK4 and XL printers in Settings -> System. Including this information enables us to check whether you are running the latest version of firmware, and if not, we will inform you at the top of the article. The information provided in the URL is stored in our database to help us better understand which errors are the most common and how many errors each printer experienced.

The device hash cannot be used to recover anything sensitive like a serial number and isn’t used for anything else than the QR codes feature therefore there are absolutely no security concerns. This feature is turned ON by default. In case you don't want to use this enhanced feature, you can switch it off in the printer's menu by setting the “Device hash in QR” to OFF.

Once you turn it off, the QR code URL will contain only the following: https://help.prusa3d.com/en/12201/

Device hash toggle for MINI on the left and for SL1 on the right.

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