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How to prepare .stl files and G-codes for Multi Material upgrade

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Last updated 2 years ago
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Preparing .stl files and G-codes which are supposed to be printed in one material is a rather easy process. This process became quite tricky once we must cope with up to 5 materials. For this reason, we have prepared easy to follow step by step manuals. 

Preparing .stl files

Under normal circumstances, you would create or download .stl file and simply transform it into G-code. With Multimaterial upgrade, there is one extra step.

Why is it more difficult than before? Well, the answer to this question is rather easy. In order to print up to 5 different filament colors, we will have to prepare 5 separate .stl files or split an .stl file to 5 parts so each of the parts can be printer with a different color.

If you have an .stl file with single part object in it and you want to print certain parts of the model with different color, try one of our Splitting STL using MeshMixer. or Splitting STL with single compact part guides.

If you make your own models and want to print those in multiple colors, you may want to Export a model from Fusion 360 for Multi Material Printing.

- You can either prepare a 3D model yourself: Creating your own 3D models.
- A few sample objects are included in our Drivers & Apps bundle.
- Or you can simply download ready-made files. Have a look at Where can you get 3D models?.

How to generate G-code from multiple files?

Once you have your .stl files prepared, simply proceed to the G-code preparation for MMU2S.
This guide will show you how to merge model parts back together, assign colors to them and prepare them to be printed.

For more detailed info, please visit our Multi-material slicing category.

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