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How to update firmware (MK4/XL)

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Last updated 10 months ago
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On the Original Prusa MK4 and XL, the firmware is flashed by using a USB flash drive.

  1. Download the latest firmware for your printer and extract it (zip file) on your computer
  2. Make sure the USB flash drive doesn't contain any previous firmware (.bbf file)
  3. Copy the new .bbf file to the root directory of a USB flash drive (Not within a folder).
  4. Insert the USB flash drive and push the reset button. The bootloader will automatically compare the installed version with the one on the drive and, if newer, will automatically offer you to flash it.
  5. Confirm the update by selecting the "FLASH" button and pressing the knob. 


Alternative method - older firmware release (firmware downgrade)

It is not possible to flash to the same, or an older version of the firmware release, using the method above. To flash an older firmware the procedure is as follows:

  1. Push the reset button, immediately followed by clicking the selector knob.
  2. On the new screen, confirm the update by selecting the "FLASH" button and pressing the knob. 
If it repeatedly only boots the printer and gives you the home screen try to format your USB flash-drive or try a different one. Even if the flash drive works with G-Codes and printing, it may not work for flashing the firmware.
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