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CW1 maintenance

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Last updated 2 years ago
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To ensure that the CW1 remains in proper working order, ​keep the device clean, and never leave the tank with isopropyl alcohol inside of the device when the machine is off / not being used. Clean any resin drops or stains immediately, before they solidify.

Spilled isopropyl alcohol

The CW1 is designed to ​withstand a moderate IPA spill​ - the liquid will pour through the device. It’s a good practice to keep a plastic tablecloth under the device in case of spillage.

In case a ​spill occurs​ and the liquid pours into the CW1, ​disconnect the machine from the power supply, ​wipe off any remaining IPA from the device’s surface and wait for a couple of hours (e.g. 2-3) until the isopropyl alcohol evaporates completely from the inside. The machine has a hole in the bottom plate through which the IPA will pour out. High-quality isopropyl alcohol will not damage the electronics inside the device.

Do not clean the opaque cover of the CW1/S with IPA or ethanol. It can cause the plexiglass to deteriorate and crack.

Used IPA - Recycling / disposing

Please note that isopropyl alcohol is consumable​ and it will become saturated with resin over time, which is normal. Only when you notice that the ​washing performance is decreased,​ consider exchanging the IPA in the CW1 tank - this usually happens after several months of use, depending on the frequency of usage.

See your country’s laws regarding safe and appropriate disposal methods of IPA in your location​ - usually, it should be treated as a ​hazardous liquid,​ because it will also contain photoinitiators, polymers, and oligomers from the resin. You can usually find places for disposing of dangerous liquids near gas stations or fire stations.


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