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LoveBoard status LEDs (MK4)

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Last updated 5 months ago
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The Original Prusa MK4 is equipped with a break-out board for the Nextruder, the LoveBoard. The LoveBoard has four status LEDs.

These status LEDs are present only on some of the early versions of the Original Prusa MK4 printer.

Main power

The main power LED indicates the presence of the needed voltage for the LoveBoard to operate, 3.3V. 

Heatsink fan act

The heatsink fan cools the hotend components, including the heatsink. The associated LED indicates that this is active and spinning. 

Print fan act

The print fan directs cool air toward the model while the model is being printed. The associated LED indicates that this is active and spinning. 

Heater act

The hotend heater light indicates that current is flowing through the hotend heater. During a temperature raise, the light is fully on, while at a stable hot temperature, it is expected to blink. 

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