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USB Port Overcurrent #17306 (XL)

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What happened?

The Original Prusa XL is showing the message "Overcurrent detected on USB port."

Error name: USB Port Overcurrent 

Error code: #17306 

The error is shown when there is a damaged cable on the LCD or any of its connections.

How to fix it? 

Before accessing any of the electronic boards, ensure that the printer is fully cooled down, and switched off for at least 10 minutes

The most likely cause of this issue is damage to the LCD cable. Check the path between the LCD and the Sandwich board, and see if there are any parts that are broken or pinched.

In case there is no damage, check the cable connection to the LCD board and to the Sandwich board. Try reconnecting the connectors.

Are you still having issues? Contact our support team and let them know that you tried to fix the issue with these instructions. We will take it from there.

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