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Last updated a year ago
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What happened? 

The printer is showing the message "Heatbed tile no. #: Unexpected temperature drop detected". 

Error name: MB drop temp

Error code: #17254

The error message includes the number of the affected heatbed tile. The error might indicate an issue with the cable connecting the indicated heatbed tile with the modular bed electronics, or with the heatbed tile itself. 

Placing a cold steel sheet on an already heated heatbed can also cause this error. Before proceeding further, place the steel sheet on the heatbed while both are cold, then heat the printer or run a print, and check if the error occurs again. 

How to fix it? 

A visual inspection

Check that the indicated heatbed cable is correctly connected with the modular bed electronics, and with the heatbed tile, and reseat the connection. 

Check the heatbed tile for physical damage, for example, a scratch on any heatbed tile surface, or a cable in bad status on the bottom of a heatbed tile. 

Swap the cables

Swap the heatbed tile connection indicated on the error with another heatbed tile connector, and check if the indicated heatbed tile number in the error changes, or remains the same after the swap. 

If the error changes to another heatbed tile number after the cables swap, then the cable is causing the error. 

If the error is still the same as before, with the same error code, and on the same heatbed tile number after the swap, most likely the heatbed tile is causing the error. 

If your findings are different than these two cases, or in case of any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

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