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Tool offset out of bounds #17104 (XL)

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Last updated 4 months ago
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What happened?

On the multi-tool versions of the Original Prusa XL, the offset of the tools compared to the first is calibrated through the Tool Offset Calibration. If the offset of one of the tools deviates too far from the expected range, the printer will show the following message: "Tool %d offset %c: %.3f is out of bounds [%.3f, %.3f]".

In place of %d, the number of the tool is shown, in place of %c the axis, and in place of %3f the values. 

Error name: Tool offset out of bounds

Error code: #17104

How to fix it?

A visual inspection

Check if the nozzle is pushed into the heatsink. Ensure that the nozzle is correctly positioned. 

Make sure that the filament is unloaded before the calibration process, and that there is no filament residue under the nozzle. 

Swap the hotend

If the points above did not solve the issue, swap the hotend of the failing tool with one of the hotends from a tool that passes the calibration. 

Refer to the hotend replacement guide to swap the hotend from one tool to the other.

If the error moves with the hotend, please contact our customer support with this information.

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