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Factory reset (MK4/XL)

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Last updated 2 months ago
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During normal function, your printer saves statistics, calibration data, and personalized settings, even after it is turned off. If you feel like you changed settings that have negatively affected your 3D printer, you can always revert to factory default values and try again. 

Doing a factory reset will clear statistics data, like total printing time and filament use.

How to factory reset

Factory Reset can be done via LCD Menu -> Settings -> System -> Factory Reset

Starting firmware 4.6.1 there are two options:

  • Reset Settings & Calibrations - this option deletes all changes done by the user and reverts the system to its original state. For most of the cases, this is a sufficient method. Technically speaking only the EEPROM with user stored data is deleted. Once, the reset is done, the printer will boot to language selection, followed by the calibration wizard.
  • Hard reset (USB with FW needed) - due to the complex partition layout, the firmware stores its settings not only in the EEPROM but also on the XFLASH. In some edge cases, it might be necessary to delete both of these. Once this reset is done, the user must insert a USB drive with firmware as some parts of the XFLASH will be created again from scratch.

Flashing firmware

If you see any inconsistent behavior we recommend also flashing the firmware. A factory reset followed by flashing the firmware and recalibrating will resolve most firmware issues you may encounter. 

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