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Hotend maxtemp error #23206 (MK3.5)

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What happened?

The printer is showing the message "Check the print head thermistor wiring for possible damage."

Error name: Hotend Maxtemp error

Error code: #23206 (MK3.5)

This error is shown when the printer's nozzle temperature goes above 305 ºC at any point. This is a safety feature to prevent printer damage. The print will be stopped and the printer will cool down.

How to fix it? 

This error is typically caused by the hotend thermistor

Inspect the hotend thermistor visibly for any damage to its cable. Look for any overtightened zip ties around the cables leading from the extruder to the xBuddy board

Visually check the thermistor if it is still securely and correctly installed in the heater block. The whole cartridge should be inside the block, with no part of it sticking out.

Make sure the thermistor and heater are properly plugged into the electronics board. You can verify this from the dedicated step in our assembly manual. 

Check if the fuses are not blown.

You can also verify if the thermistor or heater is damaged using a multimeter. For this test, use our dedicated multimeter usage guide

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